Incident Management Program (Healthcare Position Specific)

Target Audience:  Personnel at healthcare organizations that fill a Command (Incident Commander or Officer) or General Staff (Chief) position in the organization’s disaster management structure.

Description:  A series of training courses that progress from basic to advanced knowledge and skill building. The end goal of the series is to create confidence and competency among an organization’s key staff members who may have an active role in managing and responding to an emergency. Industry-specific versions of each course are offered to healthcare organizations, colleges and universities, and private companies/businesses.

Periodicity:   Upon Request

Course Length: 

  • IMP 101 – Introduction to Preparedness – 4 Hours
  • IMP 102 – Introduction to Incident Management – 4 Hours
  • IMP 201 – Incident Management Team Leadership – 4 Hours or 8 Hours
  • IMP 202 – Essentials of Action Planning – Four Hours

Contact:  Deb Teske;

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