Joint Information System Education & Exercise (June 2015)

The information below is for participants attending the June 15th training or June 16th exercise for as part of the SEMN Disaster Health Coalition’s Joint Information System Improvement Project.

Participants are encouraged to download information, and print if desired, for availability during the education and exercise activities.

General References

Assisi Height Parking Requirements

ECHO Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)

ECHO Field Operations Guide (FOG)

MN Emergency Operations Plan (Includes Annex C – Public Information)

Simulation Deck Participant Overview

June 15th

JIS Training Agenda (A hard copy will be provided onsite during registration.)

Message Map Handout (A hard copy will be provided onsite during registration.)

Presentations (No hard copies will be provided; print what you want to have in hard copy or download to your portable devices for access during the event.)

Webinar access will be available for any training topics on June 15th.

  • Dial-In Number 866.365.4406; Access Code: 2662083
  • You will need to call in via phone as well as log in via your Internet browser.


June 16th

Exercise Agenda


Reminder…  Submit Public Affairs/Public Information Officer/Joint Information Systems documents to

Reminder… Complete the public/joint information capability survey.

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