Disaster Apps & Tools

The following disaster apps and tools may be useful to support health and medical response and recovery operations.

  • Chemical Hazards Emergency Medical Management – Guidance for the management of victims of chemical exposures.
  • Chemical Identification Decision Support Tool – WebWISER/iTunes/Google Play – Use this tool to help identify an unknown chemical based on any of the following:
    • Physical properties of the substance
    • Signs/symptoms from exposure to the substance
    • NFPA 704 full or partial placard values
    • Substance categories (flammable, meth lab, etc.)
    • Transport identification: DOT placard and/or type of rail car or road trailer
  • Radiation Emergency Medical Management – Guidance for diagnosis and treatment of radiation victims for healthcare providers.  iTunes/Google Play
  • Responder Self Care App – Aids those deployed to emergency response events in maintaining their own physical, emotional, and social well-being.  iTunes/Google Play
  • ReUnite – App currently inactive. Link to ReUnite project site.
  • Toxidrome Identification Decision Support Tool – CHEMM-IST is a prototype decision support tool developed by experts in medicine and emergency response as an aid for identifying the chemical a patient was exposed to in a mass casualty incident. Since CHEMM-IST is currently in the prototype phase of development, it should not be used for patient care. This tool, once thoroughly tested and validated by a wide range of potential users via case studies, is intended for use by basic life support (BLS) and advanced life support (ALS) providers as well as hospital first receivers. The focus of CHEMM-IST is only on severe cases. CHEMM-IST assumes that the patient has undergone an exposure via the air, with potential toxic effects from what is inhaled from the air and also possible skin-related toxic effects from what might be deposited onto the skin from the air.
  • HHS  Compendium of Resources for Health Emergencies
  • The HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) sponsored this HHS Response and Recovery Resources Compendium to aid state, tribal, territorial, local officials in health and emergency management as they guide communities in responding to and recovering from disasters. The compendium offers an easy-to-navigate, comprehensive, web-based repository of HHS products, services and capabilities available to state, tribal, territorial, and local agencies before, during, and after public health and medical incidents. The information spans 24 categories, and each category showcases the relevant disaster resources available from HHS and partner agencies, a brief description of each resource and information on accessing each one.
  • http://www.phe.gov/emergency/hhscapabilities/Pages/default.aspx
  • Health Care Coalitions Surge Evaluation Tool
  • The Health Care Coalition Surge Evaluation Tool is designed to help health care coalitions identify gaps in their surge planning through a no- or low-notice drill. The drill’s foundation comes from a real-world health care system disaster challenge: a hospital or other patient care facility evacuation. Further, the tool incorporates the real-world experiences of health care coalitions from South Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming who contributed significantly to the tool’s development. The tool is available and free for all to use in their health care disaster preparedness and planning.  More about this tool.
  •  15 ’til 50 Mass Casualty Incident Toolkit – The innovative and award-winning 15 ’til 50 program is designed to enable hospital staff to receive a surge of 50 or more patients within 15 minutes of notification of a mass casualty incident. This includes the rapid deployment of staff, supplies, and equipment to successfully activate and operate a mass casualty incident triage and treatment area. The program utilizes the Hospital Incident Command System and can be initiated using existing supplies and equipment.

If you have a suggestion for a useful app that might benefit Coalition partners, please let us know!

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