Our Groups

The SEMN Disaster Health Coalition consists of organizations with responsibilities to prepare for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate against hazards and disasters that could negatively impact the ability of a health and medical system to provide services. The Coalition leverages the following existing disaster preparedness groups (Primary and Secondary Workgroups):

Primary Workgroups

Through the Advisory Committee representative, these groups provide reports and recommendations to the Advisory Committee to drive health and medical preparedness improvements:

Through Memorandum of Understanding, Mutual Aid Agreements and Compacts, disciplines represented in the Primary Workgroups implement local, and if required regional, intrastate, and interstate response and recovery.

Secondary Workgroups

Representatives from Secondary Workgroups are invited to present to the Advisory Committee as deemed appropriate to facilitate collaboration for disaster preparedness or in order to request funding through available sources, if any.

  • Interoperable Communications Workgroup
  • Lab Response Network
  • Exercise Planning Team (Ad Hoc based on upcoming exercises)