Exercise Evaluation

Exercise Evaluation Tools

When work areas assess their own plans, it is important to review the validity of the plan/procedure and capture any areas that need improvement.  The focus should be on looking at the plan or procedure that is being tested and any training needs rather than one individual’s reactions.

Evaluation criteria should be based on the exercise objectives and address response actions.  The evaluation guides below have been tailored to include The Joint Commission requirements for hospitals to evaluate exercises in the following areas: communications, resources and assets, security, staff, utilities, and patient care. The Exercise Planning Team should determine the specific evaluation criteria and the evaluation forms/tools to be used to collect data and feedback on the exercise.

Below are some generic sample evaluation guides.  These should be tailored to address the specific objectives for the exercise being conducted.

Bomb Threat Exercise Evaluation Guide
Generic Exercise Evaluation Guide

The Evaluator will document any strengths or areas for improvements in the response.  This information in conjunction with feedback provided by participants will form the basis for the exercise documentation that is compiled after the exercise.

For an actual incident, these guides can be used to assess the response and to identify any lessons learned.  Input for the final evaluation should include information gathered from those who participated in the response.

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