Pediatric Disaster Response and Emergency Planning

A two-day Pediatric Disaster Response and Emergency Planning course is offered by Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service.
The goal of the course is to increase understanding and awareness of the children’s unique needs in the emergency response community and help them to prepare and plan for receiving large numbers of children following a man-made or natural disaster. This includes special emergency management considerations, such as pediatric decontamination, triage, and reunification with family.

The course uses lectures, small group exercises, case studies, simulations and a tabletop exercise. Best practices and procedures are incorporated from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American College of Emergency Physicians, the National Commission on Children and Disasters, and the National Response Framework, among others.

The course addresses pediatric emergency planning and medical response considerations, needs that were identified in a 2010 report by the National Commission on Children and Disasters.

See Event schedule to see if it is being offered locally.

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