Healthcare Leadership for Mass Casualty Incidents

Target Audience:  Hospital Executive Group and Senior Executives; Mid-level Management; Public Health; Emergency Department Staff; Direct Patient Care (e.g., RN, LPN, Medical Technicians, Respiratory Technicians, etc.); Physical Plant (e.g., Security, IT, HAZMAT, etc.); Emergency Medical Services; Other Patient Care (e.g., Infection Control, Chaplains, Social Workers, Legal, etc.)

Description:  Exposes healthcare professionals to the dynamics involved in the decision making processes during an all-hazards disaster involving mass casualties. The course uses a combination of lecture and exercises, to provide responders and receivers foundational information on which to base critical decisions during the fast-paced final exercise.

Periodicity:  Available to individuals or organizations per Center for Domestic Preparedness schedule.

Course Length:  32 hours/4 Days

Direct Contact:

Backup Point of Contact:  Deb Teske;