Training on Family Assistance Center Briefings

This training is designed for personnel that will be assisted to speak in front of small to large groups about the status of events and patients/victims that have been lost or have died. Briefers must have the inherent ability to speak with people who are dealing with intense trauma in a manner that is both compassionate and still have confidence. The brief may have to deal with very sad and angry people at the same time and deal with very difficult questions.

Objectives are divided into Four Training Modules:

  • The Briefer: Role, Responsibilities, Skills, and Framework/Landscape – Where does the briefer fit in?
  • Communicating with Family Members
  • Special Considerations: The briefing team, Medical Examiners, Investigations, Culture and Faith
  • Conducting Family Briefing

Outcome: Participants will have the knowledge, skills and ability to act as a briefer during disaster incidents.

This is a contracted service through Masa Consulting in cooperation with ECHO.