Online/Webinar Courses

Basic HazMat Life Support (BHLS)

Core Disaster Life Support (R) (CDLS)

FEMA Independent Study NIMS Courses

FEMA Independent Study Courses

Hospital Preparedness Program Webinars

Just In Time Disaster Training Library  The videos found in this library cover disaster related mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery training for a wide variety areas.

MNTrac Administrator

Personal Resilience (TM) Certificate Program

University of Minnesota School of Public Health

Introduction to the Strategic National Stockpile – This 32-minute video is an introduction to a course about the Strategic National Stockpile. It also provides information about the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) program, and highlights important information on the division’s mission, overview of the SNS, and topic contents that will be discussed during the course.

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